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Robert Goddard

Signage - exterior and interior

Evolving from a traditional menswear store, Robert Goddard is now synonymous with designer fashion for all ages.

We're proud to have been appointed as signage contractor for the Robert Goddard group as they continue to expand their offering of UK stores. This premium fashion retailer loves to create the 'wow' factor and each store is individually designed with unusual and quirky details designed to make the most of any unique features and enhance the whole instore experience.

Our trademarked lighting system - LUMESCENCE - with its versatility, brightness and uniform illumination is perfect for the vibrant magenta finish of the 'Life's a Party' letters. The faux neon 'Trouble Maker' letters are only 110mm high yet are perfectly illuminated.

Reeded glass effect vinyl was used at the Camberley store together with black vinyl 'window frames' to provide beautiful traditionally styled screening for the upper floor windows in sympathy with the stores' interior decor.

A combination of satin and matt black finishes illuminated with cool white LEDs provides simple but classically styled signage perfectly suited to Robert Goddard's timeless logo and understated quality.

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